Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Death on Demand by Carolyn Hart

"Death on Demand" by Carolyn Hart is the first book in this series. It's a great beginning because Annie Laurance plays a very big role in the murders taking place on Broward's Rock in South Carolina. I don't want to write too much about the mystery for fear of spoilers.

The mystery has a wonderful setting. Broward's Rock is like a private heaven on earth. The Death on Demand bookstore just adds to the magic of the island. The bookstore is packed with mystery books written by vintage authors and contemporary authors. Annie drinks out of a mug with the title of a book written across it. The title is "The Yellow Room" by Mary Roberts Rinehart. On the walls of the bookstore are paintings of scenes from mystery books. The mystery authors, neighbors and visitors are welcome to come in the store and guess the title of the mystery book by looking at the paintings. I think Agatha, Annie's black cat, loves the Death on Demand bookstore and wouldn't want to browse any other bookstore. Of course, she is totally loved by the customers, Annie and Max, a rich attorney who has his eye on Annie, and Annie has her eye on him.

There is a lot in this first book about the neighbors who live on the island. I'll just say there are some eccentric people who have led sizzling, scintillating and ear searing pasts. Of course, you have to not mind picking up a bit of gossip here and there on Broward's Rock.

Anyway, I couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I can't wait to read "Southern Ghost," the second in the series.


  1. I'e enjoyed several books in this series and love the travel info in her books set in Hawaii, San Antonio, TX, and other places.

  2. You've read some pretty good books. And they all have such interesting covers.

    Colleen Morse